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**Free Upholstery Cleaning

Up To $90  with Any Cleaning order that exceeds $250

Cleaning must be scheduled by December 31st 2014.  May not be combined with any other offers discounts, or credits. Pre-inpection required.

Providing Carpet cleaning Cincinnati.  It's our goal to provide a healthier more sustainable option for floor care.  Our trained and dedicated staff will provide a custom solution for your floor care needs.

It's Safe, It's Affordable, It's Clean!


"The Green Cleaning Experts!"

Lack of training and misuse of harmful chemicals plague the industry.  We are honored to provide a better solution. 

Whether it's a facility searching for a high performance green cleaning solution or a home in need of a restorative clean you can depend on us to get the job done right the first time.

Service offerings include:

>  Residential / Commercial
>  Carpet and Rug Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
>  Tile and Grout Cleaning
>  Floor Buffing / Scrubbing
>  Tile Stripping and Waxing
Dryer Vent Cleaning


Don't forget to visit the nationally acclaimed "Green Tips" Video Blog highlighting green initiatives, services, and products avaiable to the public today.  There are exciting new topics each month!

We follow strict IICRC standards for carpet cleaning Cincinnati and floor care.  We are using the most up to date green cleaning technologies available.  The mission to be more sustainable is full circle.  From the moment we enter your property to the moment we leave we consider your safety and the environmental impact we have on planet earth.

We Serve The Following Communities in Greater Cincinnati

Addyston OH 45001 | Alexandria KY 451001 | Amelia OH 45102 | Aurora IN 47001 | Batavia OH 45103 | Bellevue KY 41073 | Bethel OH 45106 | Burlington KY 41005 | Butler KY 41006 | California KY 41007 | Camp Dennison OH 45111 | Cedar Grove IN 47016 | Cincinnati OH 45201, 45202, 45203, 45204, 45205, 45206, 45207, 45208, 45209, 45211, 45212, 45213, 45214, 45215, 45216, 45217, 45218, 45219, 45220, 45221, 45222, 45223, 45224, 45225, 45226, 45227, 45228, 45229, 45230, 45231, 45232, 45233, 45234, 45235, 45236, 45237, 45238, 45239, 45240, 45241, 45242, 45243, 45244, 45245, 45246, 45247, 45248, 45249, 45250, 45251, 45252, 45253, 45254, 45255, 45258, 45262, 45263, 45264, 45267, 45268, 45269, 45270, 45271, 45273, 45274, 45275, 45277, 45280, 45296, 45298, 45299, 45999 | Cleves OH 45002 | Covington KY 41011, 41012, 41014, 41016, 41019 | Crittenden KY 41030 | Dayton KY 41074 | De Mossville KY 41033 | Erlanger KY 41018 | Fairfield OH 45014, 45018 | Florence KY 41022, 41042 | Fort Mitchell KY 41017 | Fort Thomas KY 41075 | Goshen OH 45122 | Guilford IN 47022 | Hamilton OH 45011, 45012, 45013, 45015, 45025, 45026 | Harrison OH 45030 | Hebron KY 41048 | Hooven OH 45033 | Independence KY 41051 | Kenton KY 41053 | Kings Mills OH 45034 | Latonia KY 41015 | Lawrenceburg IN 47025 | Loveland OH 45140 | Maineville OH 45039 | Marathon OH 45145 | Mason OH 45040 | Melbourne KY 41059 | Miamitown OH 45041 | Miamiville OH 45147 | Middletown OH 45044 | Milford OH 45150 | Monroe OH 45050 | Morning View KY 41063 | Morrow OH 45152, 45153 | Mount Saint Joseph OH 45051 | Neville OH 45156 | New Richmond OH 45157 | New Trenton IN 47035 | Newport KY 41071, 41072, 41076, 41099 | Newtonsville OH 45158 | North Bend OH 45052 | Okeana OH 45053 | Overpeck OH 45055 | Owensville OH 45160 | Patriot IN 47038 | Petersburg KY 41080 | Pleasant Plain OH 45162 | Rising Sun IN 47040 | Ross OH 45061 | Seven Mile OH 45062 | Shandon OH 45063 | Silver Grove KY 41085 | South Lebanon OH 45065 | Terrace Park OH 45174 | Trenton OH 45067 | Union KY 41091 | Verona KY 41092 | Walton KY 41094 | Warsaw KY 41095 | West Chester OH 45069, 45071 | West Harrison IN 47060 | Williamsburg OH 45176















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Encap Extra is the DfE labeled product and is the primary  carpet cleaning product utilized by Cincinnati Maintenance.


All other cleaning products used are green products that  are labeled by other third parties



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Demystifying the $99 5 Room Cleaning Special

As an owner of a cleaning business, it’s sometimes very challenging to explain what we do and what makes us different especially when it comes to pricing.  In the society we live in we are bombarded every day with so called “half price” deals.  So it’s no wonder we feel more comfortable paying less for products and services.  It’s almost habit forming coupons, emails, mobile soliciting, tv ads, and so on.  Often the first question when taking a new call is “What’s your price?”   This poses challenges.  No two spots are the same, no two rugs are the same, no number of furniture to be moved are the same, no distances between jobs are the same, and no one’s schedules are the same.  However, the high level of service, training, chemistry, and expertise from the provider is to be the same.  So what is my price?

Since the beginning it has been my passion to provide the most safe and highest level of clean possible without risking the health of my employees, customers, and the families and clients.  Also while performing recommended cleaning procedures set by the industry and mills ensuring clean, health, and proper maintenance.  So what is my price? 

IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) helps to bridge the gap in education with cleaning professionals, industry at large, and the mills.  Most reputable firms send at least a few key employees through this training.  Some may not send their employees at all.  So what is my price?

Did you know the mills and IICRC have set some simple steps in the carpet cleaning process that are not only important for your health but also extend and protect the life of your rugs?  Most companies fail to perform some vital steps.  Pre-vacuuming:  Seventy five to eighty percent of the soil in your home or business cannot be removed with water or solvent.  Do you do seventy five percent of the cleaners job before they arrive?  They often coach you to vacuum before their arrival right?  Pretreatment:  The use of high PH alkaline degreasers are sprayed on your carpet or rugs.  Did your carpet cleaner graduate from an Ivy League college for chemical engineering?  I haven’t either but chances are slim.  High alkaline products need to be rinsed with an acid rinse to bring the floors back to a neutral PH.  Avoiding this process will leave residues behind attracting soil, and leaving the environment unhealthy.  Water alone will not remove chemical residues.  Rinsing / Cleaning: Various methods are out there but from earlier an acid rinse should be used to counteract prior applications of high alkaline products if not using PH neutral cleaners. Finishing:  After the cleaning process the final step is to set the pile with a carpet groomer or rake.   Did you know the crimp and twist in carpet fibers are set with a dry or wet heat at the mills?  Avoiding this step can cause the structure of the fiber to become set or damaged.  These are just some of the most basic steps while cleaning carpet.  Often the complexities of each job vary.  No two jobs are the same.  So….what is my price?

You can see how this is getting complicated.   It would be an injustice for me to tell you I could clean your entire house for $99.  Something has to be missing.  So why do they do it? They aren’t vacuuming? They aren’t using proper chemistry?  They are not grooming?  I’m assuming most of these jobs take 45-60 minutes.  It has to revolve around time.  Rush jobs.  Companies would simply not be able to pay for their employees, gas, chemistry, and overhead.  It has to revolve around time with slacking in some area.  Who is at risk?  Who is suffering? YOU!  The clean you expect is not the clean you received.  Unfortunately you may not understand the science that goes into cleaning.  Either 75 percent of the microscopic soil was left behind, unwanted chemicals and detergent is left behind, or damage to the fibers has occurred.  To properly clean your rugs with your health and safety in mind, proper cleaning procedures, and quality I cannot sell you a $99 5 Room Cleaning Special.   So what is my price?

Our pricing is very affordable but based on the job.  Size, soil level, styles of carpet, chemistry, and time.  I will not sacrifice the health and safety of our customers.  I will not risk damage to your property or investment.  It’s not worth it to me.  If you main concern is the cheapest price, buyer beware.  Please question your cleaner and their processes.  Ensure you have an IICRC certified technician in your home or business.  Question them on their chemistry.  Insist they use a vacuum before wet cleaning.  Insist they “finish” the rug with a carpet groomer. 

We vacuum on every job, only use PH neutral certified environmentally safe chemistry, use low-moisture ensuring faster dry times, and we only hire IICRC certified technicians who will use their judgment to use proper cleaning procedures to give your property the best possible care. 

Your health and safety is our top priority.

Kind Regards,


Les Fultz


Cincinnati Maintenance Inc 


Cleaning Company saves thousands of gallons of water

Contributed By: Leslie Fultz | Cincinnati Maintenance Inc

Did you know the carpet cleaning industry locally wastes thousands of gallons of water each day in Greater Cincinnati? Not to mention uses volatile chemicals, and gasoline powered engines. Les Fultz President of Cincinnati Maintenance Inc. knew there had to be a better solution when he incorporated in 2010.

Right now over three hundred carpet cleaning trucks are in operation throughout the tri-state area. Most of these vehicles consume one hundred and fifty to two hundred gallons of water on a full work day. Gasoline powered engines power the cleaning equipment with the potential of using 20-27 gallons of fuel on a full work day.

In 2011 the impact Cincinnati Maintenance Inc had on the industry became much more measurable. The company uses ninety percent less water than more traditional methods which in turn dramatically reduces sewage waste. It’s estimated, compared to one truck, the company saved nearly ninety thousand gallons of water in 2011. They utilize portable equipment eliminating the use of noisy, gasoline driven engines which prevented thousands of pounds of molecular carbon waste from being released into the atmosphere.

Les ensures that their encapsulation cleaning process is safer, cleaner, and more economical than more traditional options for carpet cleaning. Volatile chemistry is completely eliminated by using PH neutral eco-friendly alternatives for cleaning applications.

The company will continually stay on the leading edge of new technologies in chemistry and methods to break the vicious cycle of environmental waste that has plagued the industry for years.

For questions about this topic contact Les Fultz at les@cincinnatimaintenance.com or visit www.cincinnatimaintenance.com for more information.


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